Post Placement Reports

Most adoptive families realize the importance of post-placement reporting and desire to abide by the proper procedure for filing them with the High Court. For those who do not realize how imperative post-placement reporting is, please visit this page to learn more.

We encourage families to utilize this streamlined, user-friendly processing and courier service when filing reports on their child. It is not intended to replace arrangements made with lawyers or agencies who are successfully delivering PPRs for adoptive families. This is simply an additional option available to families. Leadership at the High Court is aware of this effort to “bridge the gap” in the reporting process, and has voiced its support of our involvement as a liaison for adoptive families.

  • Please refer to the Reporting Guide, and make sure your reports are complete before sending!
  • Submit your donation to cover costs of printing and courier service via the link below.
  • Email your post-placement report in a .PDF document to: . Also attach your Paypal receipt or reference number to this email!

Reports are couriered weekly to the Kampala High Court, and monthly to upcountry High Courts (Fort Portal, Gulu, Jinja, Mbarara, Mbale, Masindi, Soroti). Please contact us with any other questions about our reporting frequency, or needs for expedited delivery.

Please note that there is commonly a delay in reports being submitted during the high court’s summer and year-end recesses. If you submit your reports just prior or during one of these recesses, your paperwork will be filed promptly after court resumes from break.

For general information on how to file requested documentation with the Ugandan Embassy in Washington, DC, please click here.

Due to the time and resources involved with the printing and delivery of these reports, please include a minimum donation of $20 for Kampala deliveries and $30 for upcountry deliveries. In order to properly provide this service to families, we print the .PDF reports (including color copying for pictures), hand-deliver them to the appropriate High Court, receipt the reports with the registrar, and scan/email the receipts back to families as proof of delivery. Post-placement reports will be processed and delivered AFTER your donation is received via Paypal below.